Cookbook Recipe Card Instructions

Follow these instructions exactly!

Open Microsoft Word.

Click "file" then "Page Setup"

Top: 1" Bottom: 5"
Left: 1" Right: 4"

Then click "OK"

Then click "Format" then "Borders and Shading"

Select the "Box" option then change the width to "3pt" then select "OK.

In the box on the first line, in the center type your recipe title. In the line below, center again and type your project topic then your names...for example Chocolate Chip Cookies: Miss Lawson then below on the left side in bold capital letters type the word INGREDIENTS hit enter and on the next line and each following type your ingredients and with the amounts. Once you complete that...type DIRECTIONS and type out your directions under that line. See me before you print.

Semester Project Information

Hi Students/Parents/Guardians...

As has been already explained in class, the students have chosen their presentation dates and CANNOT be absent on their date. We are on a very tight schedule, there is no room for make up, excused absence or not. If the student will be absent on their presentation date they must speak with me before hand, and we might be able to work something out. Students also are required to prepare their recipe in front of the class, and share a sample with each student. If the recipe takes longer than the hour to prepare and serve, the students need to come to school with their food ready to serve, and still prepare a dish in front of the class. They can take home the dish they prepare in school. I have an abundance of ingredients that the students are welcome to use, anything I do not have... I ask that you provide them with. Most importantly, I do not want to put a strain on the family budget, if I know in plenty of time I will be more than happy to provide the student with their ingredients. It is my suggestion that the student practices the recipe a time or two prior to their presentation, the more comfortable the student is with their techniques and recipe ingredients, the better their grade typically is. If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

Miss Lawson
Hi everyone!

Welcome to my website for all of the foods classes. Here you can find lesson plans, recipes and other bits of goodness that will help your foods class experience. To the right you see a list of links, click the appropriate one so that you can see whats going on in your class. All 3 foods class recipes are listed here as well, but they are not listed in any specific order.

Have a great day!
Miss Lawson :)